MobiLinux 14 to be released later this summer!

Later this summer I plan on relesasing the 3rd version of mobilinux as soon as i get my hands on eather the droid razr maxx or the droid 4 that i plan on buying around late june! plus if i can i will buy the lapdock and hopefuly get my self into the "webtop" os and maybe replace it with mobilinux!


  1. Xfce Desktop Manager – lightweight but still has lots of features
  2. WLAN, EV-DO / HSDPA Data monitor in taskbar
  3. Battery Metter
  4. Lot of free disk space
  5. Uses verly little memory
  6. lboot allows you to make it easy to start-up
  7. Setup script on dsktop so you can easily setup time zone, display size and other stuff
  8. Aptitude and Synaptic package manager
  9. Lots of web browsers included like Google Chrome, Epiapathy, Firefox and others
  10. Includes recovery and repair options
  11. Tundra and PC File Manager installed
  12. Better proc integration to Linux so applications can detect hardware better
  13. Display resolution is 1366x768
  14. FULL access to sdcard (currently working to add access to external and internal cards)